Traditional Sales, Plus Digital Tools – the Right Prescription

ipl_logoPersonal sales can be challenging, especially so in this digital age. Institutional Pharmacies of Louisiana enlisted Firefly to bring a new dimension to their sales game, high impact digital sales tools to compliment traditional print collaterals.

Personal sales takes sales people to every corner of the market, often relying on what they know works, print leave-behinds. When IPL decided it needed to add a digital dimension to compliment their traditional activity at trade shows, Firefly prescribed a new digital strategy; extend IPL’s presentation materials to tablet devices.

Firefly designed a new set of sales brochures for IPL to use at an upcoming trade show. IPL also needed a digital slide presentation for their booth and a keynote event, so we designed the presentation, but also produced it for use on tablet devices, leveraging the materials to extend its use into IPL’s day-to-day sales activities via digital tablets.

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