Firefly Automates the Design Process for Advanced Audio & Intgration

Advanced Audio & Integration LogoAdvanced Audio & Integration (AAI) installs and designs top quality home entertainment and automation products to make your home or work life simple and enjoyable.

In 2016, Advanced Audio & Integration was still a new and rapidly expanding business. They needed a professional website to showcase their full range of skills, advertising and marketing solutions to raise brand awareness of the company locally, as well as additional branding collaterals and social media setup and design.

The website strategy was two-fold; to showcase the possibilities of their services and to make it easy for the customer to contact them and schedule a consultation. The consultation component incorporated online contact forms and a robust appointment calendar allowing users to schedule appointments quickly and easily through the site.

To supplement the new website, a marketing strategy was implemented including several billboards around the local area, magazine ads showcasing their product lines and potential designs, yard signs and vehicle wraps to capitalize on a free advertising space, constantly on the move.

Firefly also developed many secondary branding collaterals such as a paper system, brand standards guide, and several print pieces for the business to solidify what the company all ready had and give them a professional means of corresponding with their clients and creating future print materials.

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Advanced Audio & Integration

Advanced Audio & Integration Billboard Preview

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Advanced Audio & Integration