Seven Steps to a Winning Social Strategy

Do you have a Facebook page? Are you using Twitter? Do you have a business profile on LinkedIn? For many businesses the answer is “yes.” Yet, when asked “Why are you using social media sites?” or “What result do you expect from social media engagement?”, most are unlikely to have a good answer.

A cohesive strategy and measure of success are what’s most often missing from most business social media activity. And these missing elements are the foundation of social media success. Still, nearly every business finds that social media is quick to overwhelm, even the best of us.

If you look at the stats, there’s no surprise the rush to social media has been overwhelming to those using it and those considering it. Wikipedia lists nearly 200 active social networking sites ( eBizMBA Rank posted its “Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites | March 2012”, listing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+ at the top of their list. The list indicates Facebook and Twitter alone get more than 1,000,000,000 visitors daily. Yes, that’s one billion visitors.

Social Strategy in Seven Steps

The real question businesses should be asking is “What’s my social media strategy?” Consider these seven steps to help you develop an effective social media strategy:

  • Identify your audience or audiences
  • Determine which social networking sites your audience participates in
  • Determine what type of activities your audience engages in on each site
  • Establish your objectives, and what you hope to accomplish for each site
  • Determine the time and money you can commit to social media activities
  • Create an execution plan and schedule that details weekly social media activities
  • Routinely measure results (see #4 above)

Developing your social media strategy can be manageable if approached one step at a time, addressing one social networking site at a time…even for a business with limited resources.

Tips for Success

  • Start small and limit your activity to one or two sites where a large number of your audience participates
  • Put your strategy, plan and schedule on paper
  • Be disciplined and stick to your plan and schedule
  • Establish measurable objectives and record results weekly

Stay Informed!

Even today, social networking use for business is still largely experimental. Many businesses are getting great results. Those getting results are those who adapt their use of social media to how their audiences are using it, and evolve their strategy as social networking sites evolve. That’s smart business, because the social media landscape is rapidly evolving and what might work today, may not work tomorrow. Social networking sites will rise and fall in popularity, and new features will change the way you use each site. Facebook’s Timeline is a good example. That means you need to stay informed by keeping up with social networking trends. The Internet is bristling with good content about social media use for business. It’s wise to set aside time each week to tap into these valuable sources of information, such as the Firefly Blog, and many other great resources on the Internet.

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