A website redesign process may seem like a large expense at first, but think of it as an investment into your marketing effort.


How is your website representing your business? 

The outcome of a website redesign should result in an updated look, but should also provide an effortless user experience, and should incorporate SEO to increase your company’s visibility on Google. Think about your experiences while visiting websites. Were you able to click through sites and find what you were looking for easily? Did the opposite also occur where you were unable to navigate through the site easily, and left the website before getting what you wanted? If your website has a high bounce rate, this could be what your users are experiencing as well. If your users are able to easily navigate through your site and develop a thorough understanding of what you offer, you will achieve a greater return on investment.

For websites currently using Firefly’s Website Gadget (our proprietary content management system), the time has come to consider a website redesign using WordPress (an industry standard open-source CMS). Below are the advantages of redesigning your site through WordPress:

Cutting Edge Website Designs

More user friendly!

SEO & Content Marketing Best Practices

Industry Standard. Easy to Manage.

Internet Security Protocols

Keep up with the latest security expectations.

Increased Client Control

Make edits to your site with WordPress’ page builder.

Consider Firefly for Your Website Redesign!

  • Twenty Years of Experience
    • Staying on top of the current trends and security requirements.
    • Understanding that your website should look modern while representing your company accurately.
    • Taking the time in getting to know your business & growing with you!
  • Continued Local Support and Maintenance
    • Quarterly Updates
    • Help with Maintaining Your Website
    • Quick Response Time
  • Server to Handle the Load
    • Larger bandwidth = faster load time

The Benefits of Website Maintenance:

Let’s use the analogy of maintenance needed on a house or a car. If we don’t tend to the upkeep, unforeseen problems may arise along with high costs. A monthly maintenance retainer is beneficial in keeping your website updated. The more you keep up with your website, the less time and money you will end up spending all at once on an overhaul. 

Overall, we want your business to have the best representation. Let us help you along the way!

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