A website design project can become an overwhelming experience if you don’t fully understand the process. Years ago there was no “rule book” or “guide” to play by that would help you prepare yourself for a website development project. Below is the second post in the series “Website Design Projects” that will help to give you clarification to what a website project entails.

PART 2: Website Project Planning Resources

A website development project demands an abundance of resources that require allocating time, money, and people. Firefly’s process is proven successful in keeping hundreds of projects on the right track and has saved many clients lots of time and money.

If you are unsure of what to expect in a website development project refer to our previous blog: Website Design Projects: The Right Process, The Right Plan, Every Time and begin to prepare yourself. The outcome of your website design project depends solely on how you plan for it. By acquiring resources that are essential to a successful website project you and your team will have a significant advantage.

Do we have the resources?

The following questions are designed to help you decide if you have the resources to fully plan and execute a project successfully.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

Firefly essential website planning personnel resources


What personnel are you willing to commit to this project? Who will lead this effort? Who are the decision-makers in the organization, and will they be available to participate in key meetings throughout the process? Does your team or lead have experience working with a third party group? Who will provide website design help?

Firefly essential website planning budget resources


How much to you plan to budget for the project? Have you provided for ongoing web marketing and traffic building activities in your budget? Have you provided for annual or monthly hosting and support costs in your budget?

Firefly essential website planning timing resources


What is the time frame for your project? Do you have any specific deadlines that need to be met? Do you have an expected start date?

Once you’ve documented your answers, you should be able to deliver this Q&A to your web development partner. It will help your partner get started on the development of an effective website solution, cost estimate, and development schedule.

Up next in the “The Essential Website Planning Q&A” series, “PART 3: Determine your Business Profile” Don’t miss it!


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