A website design project can become an overwhelming experience if you don’t fully understand the process. Years ago there was no “rule book” or “guide” to play by that would help you prepare yourself for a website development project. Below is the fourth and last post in the series “Website Design Projects” that will help to give you clarification to what a website project entails.


PART 4: Establish your Business’ Goals

Focusing on your company’s skill set is the best way to create a successful brand, business profile, corporate culture and established company. Good brands always deliver, and the personality of your brand is truly what you and your team make it out to be. If you desire to have a loyal and trustworthy brand then your business must portray that quality to their clients and co-workers.

A good brand is assertive and is always willing to accommodate their clients with their team’s passionate attitude. Much like a mission statement, begin determining your organizations brand, social activities, and customer relations.

In our previous blog, Website Design Projects: Determine your Business Profile, we explained the importance of securing your website assets such as content, inbound links, keyword rankings, and conversion tools, and how they are critical to a strong web presence. In an attempt to establish your businesses goals refer to our previous blog and underline your company’s most valuable assets.

Discuss the values and culture of your organization. Begin by answering the following questions to the best of your ability.


  • Brand

What do customers say about your organization when asked why they do business with you? How do they describe the relationship? What do they value most? What do employees say about your organization when they tell their friends about their work? Are there any key values, philosophies and principles that embody the organization’s identity?

  • Customer Profiles

How would you describe your customers, as individuals? What do they have in common, including age, gender, personality types, education level, roles and responsibilities in the organization, decision-making authority, technical expertise for example? How would you describe your customers, as organizations?

  • Marketing & Sales Activities

What are the organization’s current marketing activities, and which are most effective? Are you planning to expand or downsize sales and/or marketing activities? Who are your local PR and marketing agency competition? How does the organization prospect and develop leads? How are marketing leads introduced into the organization’s sales process? How do you currently promote your website? Does your organization use customer relationship management software tools to help manage the sales process? If any, what powerful inbound marketing services do you offer to your clients?

  • Business Objectives for Website

What do you believe is the primary purpose of your website? What do you expect your website to accomplish, such as deliver online services, generate leads and online sales? Do you want your website to include the capability to measure expected outcomes?

  • Online Activities

In what online activities is your organization engaged involving your website, social media sites, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, etc. Which activities are
working and/or not working. What changes have you made in the past and did the changes improve results?

  • Big Ideas

Do you or your team have any big ideas regarding your website or online marketing that might seem extraordinary, crazy, over-the-top or even impossible? What would you like to do, if anything were possible and if money was not an issue?

Are you missing something from our series?

We hope you enjoyed this series and you can begin to apply these values into your business. If you haven’t downloaded our eBook yet don’t miss out! Learn this and more by downloading our free Essential Website Planning Q&A eBook Now!

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