A website design project can become an overwhelming experience if you don’t fully understand the process. Years ago there was no “rule book” or “guide” to play by that would help you prepare yourself for a website development project. Below is the third post in the series “Website Design Projects” that will help to give you clarification to what a website project entails.


PART 3: Determine Your Business Profile

The strength and viability of your business relies on what sets you apart from competitors. In our previous blog Part 2: Essential Website Planning Resources we explained the importance of allocating resources and securing your businesses assets before you begin a website re-design.

By spending time gathering your businesses assets and resources, you will be able to determine your businesses profile and establish your businesses value.

A keen understanding of your business can help you clearly determine your business profile, which establishes your company’s strengths and weaknesses. For example: What does your business offer that your competitors don’t, can’t or won’t?

What do we do? Who do we do it for? How are we different?

Describe your company, your products and services and how you compete. Tell the story of your organization by answering the following questions to the best of your ability.

Business Overview

When was your organization established? How did it get started? Who are the founders and what was the inspiration behind the startup? How is the organization different today than when it was started? In what industry does the organization participate? What products and/or services does the organization provide? What market(s) does the organization serve?

Core Business Activity

What products and services do you provide? Who are your customers and why do they do business with you? What are your customers’ pain points? What needs do your products/services satisfy, or problems do your products/services solve for customers?

Industry Overview

What is the current state of your industry? Is it in an upturn, downturn or is it flat, and what are the driving factors? What key competitive factors, industry trends or market conditions affect the way you serve your clients?


Who are your competitors? Why do customers do business with you instead of your competitors? What distinguishes your organization from the competition? What distinguishes your organization’s products/services from the competition? What do customers value most about your organization? How is your organization’s products/services different from your competitors regarding price, quality, delivery timeline, and level of service? Are there other important factors that drive sales in your organization?

Market Share

What share of the market does your organization hold? What is the market share of your competitors? Who are the major players, minor players and where does your organization fit in the mix?


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