Firefly Digital is sharing a list of seven website redesign secrets that we have developed over the years in the blog series “Seven Website Redesign Secrets” to help you get the best possible results and to avoid disastrous mistakes in your next redesign project. Below is the seventh post in the series: Secret 7-Evaluate Your Website’s Metrics.

WebsiteDesignSecretsDownloadSECRET 7: Evaluate Your Website’s Metrics

Screen shot 2012-11-09 at 10.14.45 AMThe competitive task of internet marketing can become overwhelming; however, if done correctly it can also become very rewarding. With the numerous online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Google+, it can be a daunting task to make sure all content and offers are up to date and all visitors’ questions are promptly answered.

Whether your company focuses on paid or unpaid traffic it is important to your business that you take advantage of your resources and generate leads on your website and convert your leads into secure prospects.

In our previous blog, “Secret 4: Create Original Content that Attracts and Converts Leads” we explained to you the most effective way to build traffic, capture leads and convert leads to customers by keeping the original content your audience values and is comfortable with sharing. Firefly’s experience combined with our assessment tools allows us to better organize, execute, and re-evaluate our clients online marketing efforts and point them in the right direction. We provide an easy system that allows our clients to better understand metrics and the basics of marketing  in a helpful package that sends them reports on their visitors, leads, and sales.

Practice Powerful Website Metrics

Instead of concerning yourself with metrics that track the technical performance of your website, try focusing on these three metrics:

Powerful website visitor metrics Visitors

  • How many people are coming to my website?
  • Where are they coming from?
Powerful website leads metrics Leads

  • How many visitors converted to leads?
  • What did they convert on?
Powerful website sales metrics Sales

  • How many leads converted to sales?

NOTE: These three metrics will help you determine what part of your site is working, and what needs improvement.

Metrics allow you to identify what could use a revision and what should stay the same. By making small, constant changes to your website you will eventually see improvement on your leads, visitors, and most importantly sales.

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