Firefly Digital is sharing a list of seven website redesign secrets that we have developed over the years in the blog series “Seven Website Redesign Secrets” to help you get the best possible results and avoid disastrous mistakes in your next redesign project. Below is the sixth post in the series: Secret 6 – Conducting Conversion Experiments


Secret 6 – Conducting Conversion Experiments

conversionA content path is customized to your own original content, conversion offers and landing pages. This is what we like to call the conversion path. Once your conversion path is in full swing you will continually gain leads as long as your conversion path is available. Therefore, it is critical to continue nurturing and maximizing the conversion process to produce more leads.

In our previous blog, SECRET 4: Create Original Content that Attracts and Converts Leads we explained to you the most effective way to build traffic, capture leads, converts leads into prospects, and increase the number of website visitors by keeping your original content.

At Firefly, we understand the importance of conducting regular conversion processes and we use highly effective tools to analyze the performance of our landing pages. The tools we use allow us to test different versions of landing pages with A/B testing tools and other analysis tools that help us make improvements on our partners’ landing pages and ultimately drive traffic to their website.

Stats and Key Points

  • Your offers should be documents that are constantly changing.
  • Your products should help your prospects better understand the buying process.
  • If your offers and landing pages are not reaching their full potential you should try to:
    • Attach their links in your email newsletters.
    • Have your pay-per click ads go directly to the landing pages.
    • Use them as the next step after a trade show or event.

Need more help with your conversion events? Here are a few helpful websites to help you improve them!

Your website design should always be evolving and improving over time. Your website’s landing pages are the stability of your business and can help you convert your website visitors into opportunities that you have vital information about. Using these powerful inbound marketing tools to your advantage will help you save a lot of time, money and effort.

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