Firefly Digital is sharing a list of seven website redesign secrets that we have developed over the years in the blog series “Seven Website Redesign Secrets” to help you get the best possible results and to avoid disastrous mistakes in your next redesign project. Below is the fifth post in the series: Secret 5 – Improving Your Landing Pages


SECRET 5- Improving Your Landing Pages

If you’re ready to see results in your SEO, then provide great content! Not only do people love fresh content, but search engines love it too! If you don’t know where to start when it comes to content, then refer back to our previous post “Step 2: Build your Website Around Secure Assets” and learn more about the importance of what original content does for your website.

The best way to capture leads and convert those leads into prospects is to direct prospects from your original content (i.e. Blog) to a landing page that promises a conversion offer (i.e. eBook) and collects vital information about the lead. Once you have access to the lead’s information, you can then follow up with an email and turn that lead into a potential customer.

Tips and Key Points

  • Leave out any website navigation
  • Keep the description of the offer clear, simple, and concise.
  • One company found that they had a 32% conversion rate with a longer description and a form field.
  • Once they cut it down they found it brought their conversion rate to 53%
  • Keep the form above the fold.
  • To maximize efficiency, consider these questions:
  • How fast can you launch a new landing page?
  • Can one person do it in 15 minutes?
  • What is the cost of experimentation?

Landing pages are where the hard work you have done pays off and where all of the magic happens. Landing pages are a gateway to your conversion offers that create engaged and interested leads, so be sure to make them count. Landing pages should be used to grab the attention of your prospect with an interesting offer and logically explain what you are offering through the landing pages.

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