pinterestEvery business must take advantage of the new visual social media opportunities presented to it in order to effectively market and sell their chosen brand. This means taking advantage of the newest and most advanced social media techniques out there before they become old news, and learning new ways to use the old news that’s still fresh.

There is no doubt about it that Pinterest is on the rise and is launching e-commerce, crafts, and clothing businesses to higher ground. But, what about other non-image related businesses? Does it mean a business that doesn’t seem “pinnable” at first glance isn’t a good fit at all? Should non-eCommerce businesses only be limited to Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Google+ for social media marketing? No, Pinterest can be for every business, not just a select few. So, today we are going to give you some ideas on how you can make Pinterest work for your business!

Spill Your Business Beans.

Any fun facts that could be helpful and/or save time and money that you could share with your followers? Then share it! For example, we love how WD-40 and duct tape list all the uses for their products. This would be great to share on Pinterest because people love to feel like they are getting valuable information!

  • Fun Facts
  • Myths
  • Uses
  • Crafts

Think Visual, Be Visual.

Pinterest can be a great tool for attracting visitors. It helps attract the new visitors, since they understand what you’re trying to market because of your pins. When people navigate to your site and have an awareness of what you are selling, they are more likely to purchase from you! You can be more visually appealing in the following ways:


Run Giveaways, Sweepstakes Promotions, & Contests

If you want customers to respond to your Pinterest marketing, running specials that are exclusive to your social media followers is a good way to accomplish that. If the only place to get these special deals is through a specific social media site, the information will rapidly spread.

  • Gift cards
  • Promo codes
  • Giveaways
  • Free products

Pinterest can really improve a business’ outlook and profitability. A lot of individuals register on this type of website, and promoting your website on social media sites will help you reach a wide variety of audiences.

When you use these tips for successful Pinterest marketing, you will get more comfortable with this type of marketing and be able to use it effectively. As you start to find your way around social media, more people will be drawn to your site, which means you will get more buyers.

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