Not all sports are team sports, but I can guarantee regardless of the number of people required to participate, athletes surround themselves with positive people that believe in the same dream and support them in the midst of the games.

All team members must be dedicated to accomplishing the goals of the team!

Your business may consist of only one person, but your teammates include vendors like business consultants, website developers and industry colleagues. Communication is vital to players in a game so that everyone is included and informed of the play. It’s important that you communicate your vision to vendors who are essentially an extension of your team. Make sure the teammates you choose, whether another business or employees, have the same drive you do and know what represents the gold medal for your online business. When businesses practice good communication skills to accomplish their common goal, they too will succeed and grow as a team.

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Keep in mind that the London Olympic Games opening ceremony is tonight and the games will end on August 12!

Visit the London Olympic Games to learn more about your favorite competitors and updates on the schedule of events and results!

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