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Beginning in 1998, Mike Spears and Bill Dalton braved the digital marketing era, armed with a strong philosophy and a bright future. Mike often says, “Back then, we couldn’t give away a website.”

Blazing a trail for future pioneers, the duo instilled in their new venture, the ideology that work should be challenging, interesting, fulfilling and fruitful. Together, they founded Firefly Digital based on the aspiration of a company they envisioned whose attributes mirrored that of the natural embodiment of creativity and science found in the wondrous creature: the firefly.

Almost two decades later, Firefly Digital had reinvented itself several times – only to emerge stronger each time. Through its metamorphosis Firefly pioneered, engineered and created some of the world’s technology firsts: online animation and interactive web applications using (Macromedia) Adobe Flash, one of the world’s first content management systems for non-technical people: the Website Gadget and (when WAP 2.0 was introduced) the first mobile phone site in the state of LA.

Through brilliant marketing, dazzling creative and powerful technology, Firefly provides clients with comprehensive digital and traditional marketing solutions. This combination is reflected in a process Firefly invented that brought together the two worlds of software and advertising:

Firefly’s initial meeting with the client, where Firefly learns about the client’s organization, their wants and their needs. Firefly then does research and formulates a strategy and solution. Discovery ends with a proposed solution, timeline and a price.

This is where the project itself initiates. The client and Firefly review the proposed solution, work entailed, deadlines, budgets and other details.

Firefly meets with the client to present all conceptual work such as: websites, ads, billboards, etc.

Firefly tests all websites, apps, etc to ensure all tech is working properly. For traditional media, Firefly prototypes the work for review. Small changes and adjustments are often made in this stage.

Firefly trains the client on how to use their new services just before or after launch.

This stage represents the delivery and presentation of the work to the clients and/or clients’ audiences.

Firefly’s reputation of finishing projects on time and on budget and creating solutions that work, have earned them a reputable portfolio including (but not limited to): Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Allstate Sugar Bowl, Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, Festival International de Louisiane, Reily Foods Company, New England Coffee, Chef Paul Prudhomme, Haydel’s Bakery and many more.

Check out our portfolio and discover how Firefly can illuminate your business or organization.

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