MobilegeddonApril21 Firefly DigitalOn their Webmaster Central Blog, Google announced a BIG change to its mobile algorithm which will be released tomorrow (April 21st),  a day search experts have dubbed “Mobilegeddon.”

Google’s mobile search seeks to adapt to the patterns of the ever-increasing number of people who use smartphones for browsing the internet in order to deliver results that are not just relevant, but timely. Improvements to the mobile user experience will be achieved by penalizing those sites not optimized for mobile devices according to Google’s standards, and the results could be harsh — traffic losses to those sites could be as much as 30%.

If you are wondering what Google is looking for and if your website will be among those penalized, we have included information to help you. First, take Google’s simple Mobile Friendly test. The criteria used to grade your website considers the following:
  • Accessibility and legibility of text
  • Incompatibility of software with mobile devices, such as Flash (We know, it looks so cool!  There are ways to achieve the same look that are supported by mobile devices, but we’ll save that for another post.)
  • Proper spacing of links that can be easily clicked
  • Responsiveness of design, meaning either the design and content will conform to the view of varying screen sizes (Gone are the days of pinching the screen to zoom or scrolling left and right to find the information you are looking for!)
  • Availability of a dedicated mobile site in the absence of responsive design
If your website fails this test, we are available to help with convenient options for going mobile starting at $850. Complete the form below to connect with a member of our team who will review your site and discuss options for avoiding penalties and improving your site’s traffic. After all, it is 2015 and mobile is only becoming stronger, year after year. Take advantage of this time to update your online presence.

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