What’s New This Week?

This week we are serving up something a little different and we will continue to do so every week in August! Today we will be sharing with you a few highlights from social media, marketing, and more!

So, let’s catch up on new marketing news that you can begin to implement in your business..until next week when things change again. But, don’t worry we will let you know about that news, too!

LinkedIn’s New Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn Introduces Sponsored Updates: LinkedIn is expanding its “content ecosystem with the launch of Sponsored Updates.” This allows companies “to build relationships by delivering their content into the homepage feed of members beyond those who are following their company.”


SlideShare Launches New Infographic Capabilities

Got infographics? Upload, discover and share infographics with Sideshare’s new infographics player!

It’s going to look a little something like this:

Slideshare has announced the launch of a new player specifically for infographics. Though they have hosted infographics in the past, the new player “optimizes the viewing experience of the increasingly important content type. This is incredibly great for marketers because by creating infographics and uploading them to SlideShare, you can take advantage of SlideShare’s built-in distribution network (and extend the reach of your content) all while making it easy for your existing audience to share and distribute your content for you. And if your content does especially well on SlideShare, you might just get it cross-posted on LinkedIn (since they own SlideShare), thus giving you even more bang for your infographic buck.”

Facebook to Let You Say Why You Hide News Feed Posts

 It’s not exactly a dislike button, but Facebook soon plans to roll out ways to better understand why you don’t like something in your News Feed.


Currently, when you hide something in your News Feed, Facebook begins feeding you less content from that person or page, but the company is working on ways to better understand why you don’t want to see a photo, status update, article or advertisement.

“Over the next few months what you will see from us is more on why people like and don’t like certain things in their feed,” Facebook’s Product Manager for Ads Fidji Simo said. “We are planning to refine those so users can tell us exactly the reasons they are hiding that piece of content.” Learn more about Facebook’s new feature here.

How Much Do We Distrust Ads? Enough to Refuse Free Money

Nobody in Boston wants free money!

Created by the geniuses at Fat Awesome this relevant and hilarious video paints the perfect picture of how Americans view advertisement. The video is of a man holding a clipboard and waving around dollar bills yelling “You want some free money?” You would think people would be running around like cattle to get the money but think again! Not only can he hardly get anyone’s attention, but even when he does get their attention they REFUSE to accept the money!

So you must be thinking, why on earth can he not give out the money.. there must be a catch or something since he is walking around with a clipboard.. he must want an email, address, phone number, or something. The lesson for us marketers? We have to work hard as marketers to gain people’s trust and information, and that’s not going to happen if we are interrupting people. Check out the video to see this mind blowing sales experiment.

Foursquare Expands Ads to More Small Businesses:

Foursquare offers “a new way to find great customers—self-serve Foursquare Ads for small businesses. The idea behind these new ads is simple—connect people looking for somewhere to go with businesses that want to drive traffic to their stores.”



Tumblr Updates Double Dashboard

The new Tumblr Activity page “lets you graph the latest activity on your blog, view your top fans and posts, and see all of your recent notifications.” There is also “a new way to see notes that’s faster (endless scrolling!) and highlights likes/reblogs/replies from people you follow!”

tumblr double dashboard