Iwhat is google hangout? think the term “game changer” is over-used these days, so I’m not going to say it, but today I want to talk about…well, let’s just call it a game changer.

What game and what’s changing?

My favorite game is Internet Marketing and it changes constantly, but I what I want to tell you about today is the Google Hangout tool. Google Hangout is essentially an online group meeting platform, similar to GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar.
The Google Hangout app is available for free to anyone with a Gmail account (also free) who signs up for Google+ (which is, again, free).

Here’s a few of the key features a Hangout offers that can absolutely benefit a business and enhance their marketing efforts:

  • Webcams show you and others with webcams on the Hangout. So if you’re running a remote meeting, you can be sure you have everyone’s attention, because everyone can see and hear everyone else.
  • You can choose to record a video of the Hangout. This is optional, but imagine making a video with just your webcam and a Hangout – to connect with your audience, make presentations, provide valuable content, and promote your business in countless other ways!
  • After the Hangout, the video is automatically uploaded to the YouTube Channel associated with the Hangout presenter’s Google account. This saves at least an hour of time because you don’t have to wait for the video to render, then login to YouTube, then upload the video to YouTube – this all happens automatically as soon as the Hangout ends.
  • While the Hangout is in progress it is streamed live on that same YouTube Channel. Maybe you want to give a presentation to a group of clients without recording it, but you don’t want your clients actually participating in the hangout. Just send them a link to your YouTube Channel and they can watch it stream just like a TV show.
  • And here’s a Great Big Bonus. The resulting YouTube video has a very high level of intrinsic SEO value. This means the video will get indexed in Google almost immediately and rank very high in search results for its target keyword fairly quickly with good SEO on the video YouTube page. Is your competition beating you in Google? Have you been spending a fortune on Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click? This can be your secret weapon to make it to the top of Google without buying all your clicks.

So, is Google Hangout a game changer?

There’s no doubt it can be a powerful communication, content delivery, and search engine marketing tool, but great content and SEO is just part of the puzzle that forms an integrated online inbound marketing strategy.

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