It’s official! We’re proud to announce Firefly’s new website!

Now, more than ever, the demand for immediate gratification on the web is greater than ever. We help clients meet that demand. And now, we have stepped up to meet this demand with the launch of Firefly’s new website.

Firefly Digital Website Design Custom Development

Firefly’s strategy to engage new and returning visitors includes the development and promotion of great new content using this blog and social media, and some other interesting ways to show our work.

On the new website, the use of online tips, tutorials, and self-assessment tools are a few ways Firefly’s new website will do a better job of promoting our services, especially Firefly’s custom web development services. Application and custom development services empower start-ups and businesses with unique ways to compete and serve their customers. Custom web development is the fastest growing part of our business because of the high return on investment.

If we look back to 1998 when Firefly opened its doors, the design impact of a website was really the only way to weigh the effectiveness of a website. Technologies such as Flash, CSS and Javascript simply weren’t around to create an engaging web experience for visitors. In fact, in those days the phone book was the best way to find products and services.

Firefly Digital Website Design Custom Development Portfolio

Fast-forward to 2012 and phone books are recycled for school fundraisers or used to level a wobbly table. Today, search engines have replaced phone book listings and pay-per-click advertising has replaced those expensive display ads. The web is simply more effective!

Firefly has 14 years of experience now and our mission is to stay at the cutting edge. When we design a website for a client, we consider the many things that result in a website that’s more than just something that looks nice. It must be engaging, reflective of the client’s brand and industry. It must accomplish specific goals and objectives, and be easy to manage.

Here’s a peak behind the curtain, revealing some of the thinking that went into the rebuild of our new website.

1. Branding

We chose colors that were cohesive with Firefly’s brand elements, including our logo, other print materials and, of course, Firefly’s Gadget CMS. The Firefly brand has evolved, and remains one of Louisiana’s top brands among technology firms. We recognize that good branding evolves and is colored by its history. It remains current, yet carries forward the strength of its achievements.

2. Content

Content is not just text anymore. Interesting content includes images, links, photo galleries and portfolios, social media feeds and so much more. Our goal is to present the elements of our new website to clients and prospective clients in a way that demonstrates purpose and value. Engaging visitors through blogs, social media and self-assessment are just a few ways we plan to attract visitors to our new site over and over again.

Firefly Digital Website Design Custom Development

3. Direction

One thing you’ll notice about Firefly’s new website design is its white background and subtle splashes of color. The trend in website design has been moving toward a lighter, cleaner look. Websites are getting more sophisticated, with a great complexity. A simple and clean design offers contrast and ease of use. A light background makes dark text easier to read, for example, and splashes of color direct visitors toward key navigation or important content.

4. Management

Gone are the days when people had the time to sit and focus on one task. Managing a website can be very time consuming. The challenge is to get the greatest result with the least effort. Understanding this idea, Firefly set specific goals and expectations. The content of the new Firefly site would be balanced and focused on our primary goals: to better serve our clients and to lead prospective clients to request a quote. We accomplished this by providing the right information, easy access, and in an engaging format without overwhelming visitors. This reduces the effort to manage the site while increasing its effectiveness.

5. Analysis

When we started the redesign of our site, the first thing considered was the needs of our audience. If we understand our audience, their needs and what motivates them, we will understand how to best serve them and offer greater value. In providing something valuable, we give visitors a reason to value Firefly as service provider. Initially, this is translated as traffic and a higher level of engagement with our clients. If we don’t see an increase in both areas, then it is important to study reports, interact with our clients and determine how to evolve our strategy. We love client feedback, even though tough to swallow occasionally. Yet, we believe it’s the only way we can improve our services and best serve the needs of clients.

Now that we’ve talked the talk, see how we walk the walk. Check out our new site at! The Firefly team would love to hear what you have to say.

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