It’s the first of its kind, a revolutionary way of telling a story: Firefly Digital and LCVC have broken new communications ground with the interactive magazine ALLONS!
This new application, even the subjects of this first incarnation: Marc Broussard, Tsunami, the Blue Moon — these are all examples of Lafayette’s unique dichotomy, standing with one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and dancing all the while.

“Lafayette is unusual,”said Mike Spears, Firefly CEO. “We don’t follow the instructions.

Spears said he’s not aware of anyone having used this development platform in this manner.

“Lafayette is unusual,”said Mike Spears, Firefly CEO. “We don’t follow the instructions.” 

“There’s nothing to compare this too. I don’t know of anything,” said Spears.

“This is an innovation of a technology, a new application of it. We’re applying an educational technology as a promotional technology.” This is not your grandma’s magazine, it’s not your mom’s magazine. It’s not even your magazine, Spears explains.

“The way I describe it is, it’s an ebook on steroids,” Spears says. “It brings together several different mediums. It’s the best of broadcast, because you have video. It feels a lot like print, because you can sit and hold it and spend more time with it. It’s interactive, very much like the web; it’s not linear. Overall, the user experience is much richer because of the combination.”


It’s also a new use of this platform, Spears adds.

“This medium is probably the best story-telling platform there is, currently,” Spears said. “I don’t know of any other type of application of this technology outside the educational field. To our knowledge, this is the first time it has been used in travel and tourism as a promotional platform.”

This platform uses the iPad and iPad Mini only — for now. That takes advantage of the expanded time tablet users spend on information (tablet users spend about 90 minutes per day on their device, and 3 in 10 say they spend more time consuming news on their tablet than they did before they got it).

But this platform takes the tablet where it hasn’t been before.

“The major difference between this presentation and everything else out there is, it’s personal. It’s a lot like a newspaper used to be: you pick it up and you sit down with it for 20, 30, 45 minutes,” Spears said. “Reading the paper used to be a very personal experience. You read it, you took it with you, you held it. People see the web as a utility; they only spend seconds on each page. It’s hard to slow them down; people often leave websites within 10 to 20 seconds. An application like this engages people. It is speaking directly to you: this medium will really grab them.”

So why did Firefly chose LCVC as its partner in this launch?

“We identified a short list of the best candidates for this platform,” Spears says. “Lafayette.Travel was on that short list. The amazing thing about this concept, and it originating here in Lafayette, is that we have all the resources to conceive, capture and produce the media required. Lafayette is not just a technology hub, it’s also a creative hub. And our culture, our community, has the kind of stories that lend themselves to this kind of interactive medium.”

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