What’s Your Social Media Strategy Series: Part 2

In last week’s blog “What’s Your Social Media Strategy” I presented seven steps to developing an effective social media campaign. This blog is part two in a series that addresses each step. Here, we address the first two steps:

  • Identify your audience or audiences (customers)
  • Determine which social networking sites your audience participates in

Identify Your Audience

Businesses and organizations marketing their products and services must reach their customers with messages that engage and influence. If we break down this statement we see that our objective is to market products and services. To accomplish this objective we must reach our audience, which often means we need to find them. That really is the focus of this blog article: How do we find our audience in the social media universe?

As noted last week, there are more than 200 social media sites. The big challenge is to narrow this list to several social media sites where we know many of our audience members participate. This is easy to do, once we’ve gathered some basic information about our audience;

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Income
  • Education
  • Marital Status
  • Children
  • Occupation

This really is the easy step, since you already know a lot about your customers, right? Unless you’re just starting a business or expanding into a new market, you’ve probably spent years getting to know your audience. The difficult step is next; getting to know 200 social media sites!

Determine Which Social Sites Your Customers Participate In?

While there may be 200 social media sites, don’t worry, there are just a few that you need to know about. Thanks to Online MBA, a great infographic provides most of the research for you! (Find the infographic at the bottom of this article)

Study each of these sites, compare the information you know about your audience, and you should be able to determine which sites allow you to best reach your audience with your messages. Once you begin to participate in each of the sites you select, experience will guide you and the level of engagement will help you establish how effective each is in marketing your products and services.

Social Media Demographics

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