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What’s new this week?

New Website Topsy Offers Searchable History of All Tweets



You can now search and analyze anything on your Twitter account dating back to 2006. So, if you’re curious about your own first tweet—or any other piece of Twitter history – be sure to check it out.

LinkedIn Adds Volunteer Aspirations to Profile

“You will be able to share your philanthropic aspirations on your LinkedIn profile by calling out whether you want to volunteer and serve on a nonprofit board.”

Searchable History of All Tweets: This Week in Social Media | Social Media Examiner 2013-09-12 15-13-13

Google Rolls Out New Way for Nonprofits to Collect Donations

Google For Nonprofits opened up its “mobile donation app to all Android users in the U.S. They are now inviting nonprofits to register, create their own projects, and ultimately fundraise via mobile devices and social media.”educational_gallery_-_one_today

For Nonprofits: “One Today is a mobile platform that allows your organization to create and feature projects and/or campaigns for which you’re looking for funding. The idea is that an impact can be made by just a $1 donation per day (hence the name). It’s totally free to register your account.”

New Approaches to Video Marketing Result in a Viral Impact



Ever since LG rolled out their end-of-the-world commercial it has gone viral and has had a positive effect on their Marketing. The concept is simple: trigger their emotions, harder, faster, stronger, and bigger. “Intensity is the new black,” says Kit Yarrow, a consumer research psychologist and chairman of the Department of Psychology at Golden Gate University. “For marketers to get attention, the intensity has to be ramped up,” she says. In the future, expect more emotionally charged commercials, as more marketers are expected to follow with prankvertisements.


Spirit Allows Twitter Users to Disappear Tweets With a #Hashtag

A new tool to set your tweets to disappear with a simple hashtag.


Check out Spirit if you’d like to put a lifespan on any of your tweets.

Yahoo! Launches Their New Logo

Finally, after “30 days of logo teasers, CEO Marissa Mayer geeked out on Tumblr over the new Yahoo logo, which features no straight lines (they don’t exist in the human form), thicker and thinner strokes to reflect.” Fast Company explains why Y’s “30 logos in 30 days” campaign, leading up to the new logo, was “brilliant rebranding“. It also sees this new logo as proof “of a company that has grown to realize that there’s just as much dignity as delight in good design.”


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