Facebook launched a new app yesterday “Pages Manager” that makes editing and managing your Facebook brand and business pages from your Phone much easier. If you’ve only managed your personal Facebook page, this article won’t be very interesting. But, if you manage one or more business or brand pages, you know its not the easiest thing to do.

With the new Pages Manager application, the layout is very similar to your standard Facebook app but the features are more focused on managing and editing your business or brand pages, making marketing your business on social media that much easier.  The app allows users to choose from the list of pages they manage, view overviews of their pages’ insights or reports, view page administrators, visit the help center, and check out the privacy and legal notices.

Below are screenshots and quick how-to’s for the following features:

  • Add Posts
  • Add Photos
  • Notifications & Likes
  • Filtering
  • View Insights
  • View Admins

Adding Posts – Once users click on the individual page they wish to manage, the app will take them to the wall of that page, where each individual post is listed. From there, users can like, comment, and interact with content they’ve posted, as well as determine how many people it has reached and how many people are talking about it by viewing the comment and like counts. The Pages app offers a roomier post area making typing updates directly from your phone much easier than before.

Adding Photos – Now there is an option to share a photo on your Page directly from your phone that is easy to use.  By choosing “Share Photo” you have the option to take a photo from your phone or choose one from an album published on your page.  You can add a description or text to this page easily from the new layout of the application as well.

Notifications & Likes – With the icons at the top of the application, page admins can easily view a list of people who “like” their page as well as gain access to notifications associated with that specific page which was rather difficult on the previous application.

Filtering – If users select the filter at the top-right-hand corner, they can toggle between; everyone’s posts, only the page’s posts, and hidden posts. This makes the app much easier to use.

View Insights – From the page insights dashboard, users receive a high-level look at how their pages are performing in terms of total likes, people talking about this, weekly total reach, and trends in the past 14 days, highlighted by a small line graph. Percentages appear on the right-hand side of each of these reports, giving users a quick glance at their pages’ performance.

View Admins – From the homes creen there is an option to view a list of administrators for each page for a quick reference to who does and doesn’t have access to each of your pages.

Do you use Facebook for your Business on the go? Have you downloaded the new Facebook Pages Manager Application?

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