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What’s new this week?

Facebook Makes Page Promotions Easier to Administer851577_158705844322839_2031667568_n.pdf 2013-08-29 16-51-37

It seems like lately Facebook has been rolling out updates left and right and as a marketer it has become difficult to keep up. First, it was the embedded post option update, then it was the change in the news feed algorithm, and now it is the contest administration update. Although the new update is a minor change it is still really cool and very valuable to anyone who may use Facebook to run 22705919a contest. Facebook originally used to require that the admin run promotions through an app.  Now, “businesses can administer promotions on their Page Timelines, or if they really liked the old way of doing it, they can still use a Facebook app”. That means you can now use your Page Timeline to:

  • Collect entries into a contest or promotion by simply asking a user to post on your Page, comment on a post on your Page, like a Page post, or message your Page.
  • Use Likes as a voting mechanism.

Facebook Partners With Shutterstock

Facebook makes it ”easier for businesses to integrate beautiful photography into their Facebook ads.”


LinkedIn Announces University Pages

LinkedIn’s strategy is “to help students at every critical milestone from campus to fulfilling, successful careers.”

LinkedIn Groups Get Makeover: This Week in Social Media | Social Media Examiner 2013-08-29 16-13-05

Google’s New AdWords Quality Score Reporting

Recently, “Google announced a change in the way Quality Score would be reported within AdWords. The change, which they’re reportedly doing for more transparency, is supposed to tie your reported Quality Score — the figure between 1 and 10 that you see in AdWords — more closely with your actual Quality Score — the figure that gets calculated each time you enter the ad auction.”

As reported on the Inside AdWords blog:

“Please note that this is only a change to how a keyword’s 1-10 Quality Score is reported. It does not change how Quality Score is calculated in real-time for each auction, and thus won’t have any direct effect on your ad performance. So unless you have automated rules tied directly to your reported 1-10 Quality Score, your ads should continue to behave as they did before.”



Compliments of WordStream

Click here for more information about Google’s new AdWords update.

Swipp Surveys (A cool tool for Marketers!)

A tool to create surveys that are fun to make and fun to take. Create once, and share anywhere–via your website, emails, social networks and even text messages.

LinkedIn Introduces New Look for Groups

LinkedIn brings “a new streamlined look that will give group managers and group members the ability to customize and visually differentiate their conversation space.” New to LinkedIn Groups? Here’s a little visual to help you learn more about Groups and what they can offer, whether you’re thinking about starting your own or joining one today! Click here to view the infographic.







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