In an attempt for Facebook to be ever more engaging to its users, they have launched something marketing-tacular: the ability to embed Facebook posts on websites! The code can be easily posted on your website, blog, etc and will embed all public statuses, photos, videos, and hashtags — and users will be able to interact directly with the embedded content. They can like and share the post, like or follow the post author, or view the author’s Timeline without leaving the page the post is embedded on. This new option is similar to the Twitter feed in that shows your most recent tweets.. but for marketers, it’s even better.

Unfortunately, Facebook is only letting the top dogs such as, CNN, Mashable, and Bleacher Report access their new embed option. But Facebook says that this update will be rolling out to all users soon.

While we are anxiously waiting the new option to make its debut we want to give you the run down on how things will work and give you a few ideas for using this new feature that can help get your creative juices flowing:

Here’s How it Works:

Embedding a Facebook post is just as simple as embedding a tweet, Vine, or Instagram post: Just copy a section of code and paste it into your HTML. Here’s how you do it:

1) Find the Facebook post you’d like to embed. In the top right corner, click the grey arrow to pull down more options.


2) Choose ‘Embed Post.’


3) Copy the code that appears, and paste it on your site.

step_3_facebook_embedAnd that is how you can embed your Facebook posts.. But, now for the bigger question: How can I implement this into my current Marketing efforts? Here are a few ideas!

How You Can Use Embedded Facebook Posts in Your Marketing:


Instead of having your viewers navigate away from your site to view your current contests let them like, share, and comment to join the contest straight from your website.


Whether it be a new service, offer, or newsletter, instead of constantly updating your website to keep everything up -to-date use the embed code to share your news!

Facebook Chats

“Running a Facebook chat on your Page that was particularly enlightening for your Fans? Chances are, your blog followers would love to be enlightened, too. Embed the post where you held the chat and pull out some of the main questions (and answers) for your blog visitors to read.”


The #1 use of Facebook is to boost your brand awareness, and by keeping your fans in the loop they will stay engaged and keep coming back for more! Embed your code on areas of your site that you want more people to see, for example, your portfolio, your services, or your contact page. Your can prompt your users to ‘SHARE your work pages from the embed code and this will boost engagement!

Press Releases

“Why not use embedded Facebook Posts to announce your next product launch in place of a stodgy press release? (We know you’ve been dying to get rid of it anyway.) So it might be something to consider for your next big announcement.”