About Firefly

Founded in 1998 by Mike Spears and Bill Dalton as the "Ad Agency of the Future" Firefly Digital has soared to reach new heights. From beautifully designed advertising collaterals and HTML websites, to complex web-based business applications and platforms.

Since 1998, Firefly has provided innovative digital marketing solutions tailored to businesses across a wide range of industries, large and small.


We have garnered an unprecedented level of experience and expertise in everything from creative to traditional advertising, to digital marketing.


Our team begins by learning about your organization, your wants and needs. We follow with related research, strategy formulation and solution development. The result is a proposed solution, timeline and price.
We initiate the project in a kickoff, where we review the proposed solution and the work required. We review deliverables, timeline, deadlines, the project process and key success factors.
Depending on the solution, Firefly develops and presents conceptual work. For example, if its creative work, we present graphic design concepts for review and approval, and if its a mobile app we present interface designs and requirements documentation.
In this stage we take the conceptual work and bring it to life. We produce usable collaterals, websites, ads, logos, billboards, mobile apps…depending on the type of work we’re doing.
Once the work is produced it is thoroughly tested by the Firefly team and the client team to ensure everything works as planned. Changes and adjustments are generally made in this stage.
Training is often conducted just before or after launch, depending on the services delivered and the needs of the clients. For example, websites using content management systems for editing, or mobile apps with configurable components may require some training.
This stage represents the presentation of the work to our clients’ audiences. This includes making websites live, posting digital products in marketplaces, and promoting the launch in various channels, such as social media, for example.

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The Firefly Story

About Firefly

Firefly Digital stands among the pioneers of the digital marketing era. For 20 years our firm has combined brilliant marketing, dazzling creative and powerful technology to provide clients with comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Since the founding of our firm in 1998, we have gained an unprecedented level of experience and expertise in everything from website development to traditional advertising and marketing, PR, mobile marketing, social media – virtually any and every type of marketing imaginable.

At Firefly we bring every aspect of modern marketing together to lead your business to the forefront of your specific marketplace. We lead from the front because we were there at the beginning of the digital age – and we will put our vast experience to work in getting your business where it needs to be. We can handle almost any type of project – large or small – tailored to any type of industry. We provide premium services of the absolute highest quality, because we believe our clients deserve the best possible results and return on investment.

Take a look at our portfolio and we’re sure you’ll agree that our work is exceptional. We have worked with numerous prominent clients as well as smaller companies – and we would love the opportunity to lead your business to the forefront as well.

Contact us today to learn how Firefly Digital can give your business the spark you need to truly succeed.


The Internet represented an opportunity to pioneer, innovate and create what many of us had only dreamed about – a new world of unlimited marketing and advertising potential.

From the beginning Firefly has been on the leading edge of digital communications technology, producing innovative works years before they became mainstream.

Our team of creatives and techs pioneered the use of online animation and interactive applications using (Macromedia) Adobe Flash technologies, producing rich interactive experiences that were the first of their kind, starting in 1999.

Firefly engineered one of the world’s first content management systems, the Website Gadget, designed for the everyday user. We launched it in 2001, an innovation that is still preferred by many of our clients.

In late 2002 when WAP 2.0 was introduced, Firefly created one of the first mobile phone sites in the state, a text-based microsite for the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce.

In 2003, we launched one of the first web-based knowledge bases, and a year later we launched a personalized widget mashup as an add-on to our Website Gadget content management system.

Today, the web has become very specialized, so we don’t build technology the way we did in the early days. Instead, we identify the best platforms and components and integrate solutions that work to meet our clients needs.

Innovation and creativity still abounds at Firefly. We have just focused it all on innovating creative, advertising and digital solutions that position our clients as pioneers, innovators and leaders in their industries.

We may not be a big Madison Avenue agency, but our work lives large and it will stand up to the work of any firm.

The Story Behind the Story

Firefly Digital was founded in 1998 by partners Mike Spears and Bill Dalton. From the beginning, the partners shared the philosophy that work should be challenging, interesting, fulfilling and fruitful – and that premise holds true at their company to this day.

The company was named after one of nature’s most fascinating creatures – the firefly. With its wondrous glow, the firefly embodies both the creative and scientific aspects of the natural world. Likewise, Firefly Digital blends the creative and technical aspects of advertising to create brilliant marketing solutions.

While Firefly was conceived as a web design firm, it has evolved over the years to become a digital marketing and advertising agency that offers virtually every service imaginable. Founded at the start of the digital era, Firefly now offers a level of experience and scope of services that is unsurpassed.

With a precise understanding of the business and marketing needs of its clients, Firefly has established an incredible portfolio of work over the years – serving a wide array of prominent clients as well as small businesses. Having survived the dot-com crash of 2000, the telecom bust of 2001 and the ever-evolving digital marketing arena – Firefly Digital has grown to become an established leader in the Lafayette area and one of the largest digital marketing firms in the state of Louisiana.

Firefly Culture

The corporate culture at Firefly is a unique mixture of intense creativity and technical proficiency – all thriving within a fun and friendly work environment.

Our company was born at the beginning of the digital era, and we retain that same vibrant energy and innovative spirit that some might recall of the dot-com era. While that era crashed and burned in 2000, its spirit burns brightly at Firefly!

This cultural identity easily translates into an integrated team of talented professionals who are driven to produce extraordinary results for our clients. We see ourselves are problem solvers, people who love solving puzzles. We see these as challenges that challenge and energize our intellects and skill sets.

We love what we do and we thrive on meeting the unique challenges that each client and every new project brings.

The Firefly Process

Firefly has developed a process that’s been proven to produce exceptional results for more than 18 years. The results of this process? We finish projects on time and on budget. We create solutions that work.

Regardless of the type or scope of your project, we will guide you through every step, ultimately getting the results you want.

At Firefly we bring the ideal mix of creative, advertising and digital expertise to each project. Just as importantly, we have the ability to think like business people – and we also take the time to fully understand every aspect of your business, operations, strategies, competitors, goals and objectives. We accomplish this through our proven process:

  • Discovery
  • Kick-off
  • Design
  • Production
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Launch

Throughout this process we also take the time to empower our clients by helping you understand the process and how things work.

Let our team of professionals at Firefly put this powerful process to work in leading your business to the forefront.

Firefly Clients

Over the years, Firefly Digital has handled all types of  projects for small, medium and large businesses.

Some notable clients include the Superdome, Allstate Sugar Bowl, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Festival International de Louisiane, Louisiana Economic Development Association, Haydel’s Bakery, Fat Tuesday/New Orleans Original Daiquiris and many more.

We have the experience and capabilities to create brilliant marketing solutions for any size organization, any industry and virtually every type of project – large or small.

We look forward to the prospect of working with your organization.

Community Service

At Firefly we see community service as a way to pay forward the generosity of the friends, family and colleagues who helped to foster the beginnings of our company.

We also value the selfless commitment and hard work put forth by community service organizations and the people behind them.

Over the years, Firefly has taken on many marketing projects for non-profit and community organizations. We have contributed time and money to many charitable organizations since our company’s inception – and we encourage our employees and clients to volunteer their time, talents and resources as well.

Following are some of the websites we’ve helped to develop as part of our community service efforts. We invite you to visit them and consider playing a role in community service yourself!

  • Lafayette Education Foundation
  • Athletic Network (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
  • UL Alumni (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
  • Crescent City Classic 10K (New Orleans)
  • Louisiana Youth Seminar
  • Komen Acadiana
  • Red Bug Hill Challenge (Baton Rouge)


With the help of Colby and the rest of the Firefly team, we were able to transform our simple landing page to a beautifully designed website. Firefly took our thoughts and ideas and completely brought them to life. Although we had numerous changes and additions throughout the development of our website, Firefly made the process as smooth as possible. They were extremely attentive to our requests and detailed orientated when making the adjustments. Even after the website launch, they are more than happy to answer any questions we may have. We are thrilled with the outcome and to have worked with Firefly!

Emily Beck, Marketing | Booking Coordinator, Jefferson Performing Arts Center

The folks at Firefly were able to not only create a website that functions in the ways that my brand needs, but they were able to make a site that actually celebrates my body of work. They created something that really made my work sing in a whole new way. I really can't praise them enough.

Rob Guillory - Eisner and Harvey Award-winning artist best known for his work on Image Comics’ CHEW

The Firefly Digital team has quickly become one of our most valued partners. They provide excellent day-to-day service – reacting quickly when needed and providing timely follow up – and also have made an immediate impact on our e-commerce strategies by delivering creative suggestions and well thought out plans. Most importantly, they are a pleasure to work with. The Firefly Digital team is smart, fun and easy to work with.

Sally Davis, Brand Manager, New England Tea & Coffee Company

We are blown away with the effectiveness of your team and the amazing result. The website looks and functions like a dream. Thanks for all that you do!

Anne T. Falgout, Director of Information Services, Lafayette Economic Development Authority

Our company has been impressed with Firefly since the day they walked into our office. They take the time to get to know their clients which allows them to create the perfect website to represent them. They also offer full support with making adjustments to the site as time goes by and are always quick to respond. The friendly staff have yet to disappoint and we couldn't be happier.

Claire Morley, Sales/Marketing Manager, CCI Pipeline Systems

Phew!!! You guys got a lot done in a short amount of time. Thanks so much for helping us meet this deadline.

Chan Kiat Lim, eNovative Piano

I just got my first look at the site and i think it is looking great...Great job and thanks to everyone at Firefly for their hard work.

Susie Garcia, eNovative Piano

Melody - In my opinion, 'Great Job!' I would be very inclined to check this company out, myself! Thanks, again!

Bill Gonsoulin, Lube & Fuel Solutions

I hope that you continue to work with us as you have been great. It's such a complex account and the transition always slow things down...it has been a while since we have someone as sharp as you…

Chan Kiat Lim, eNovative Piano

I can’t say enough about what Firefly has done for our online presence. They gave us a flawless start-up plan and through the years have continued to meet all of our needs. I am not a website/online expert by any means, but they have given us a product which has allowed us to rate among the top online entities in our industry. They are easy to work with and extremely capable when it comes to understanding and exceeding our goals.

John Sudsbury, Director of Communications & Media Relations, Allstate Sugar Bowl

The Lafayette Square Conservancy, an all volunteer non-profit group, has been working with Firefly since 2008 and it has been an enjoyable experience for those years. Having first met Bill and then working with Mallory, Alisha and Chuck has allowed us to have an attractive and informative website -- a major key to a successful organization. We recently re-designed our site and Alisha and Chuck worked with us to get all the features we needed and to give us training on the new gadgets. We have recommended Firefly to others and all who have worked with them have thanked us for the recommendation.

Sally, Lafayette Square Conservancy

I just wanted to let you and the developers know we are very happy with the result. Thank you for your hard work and patience. We know we still have a lot of work to do, but we do have much more flexibility and control than we had before.

Mike O'Rourke, Triton Industries

Firefly Digital did such a great job with my website project! The entire team has been very easy to work with. Thank you guys!

Dr. Charles White, DDS

Awesome detective work Scott, I thought that was the case but wanted to hear from the master….

Marc Roger, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office

It was an honor to work with Mike Spears, Ben Berthelot, Melody Weiss, Lance LeBlanc, Kelly Parks Strenge, John M. Finley, Allison Bohl DeHart, Dr. Boudin, Nicole LeBlanc, Mark Falgout, Michele Simon Ezell, Marc Broussard, and so many more talented people to create the first-ever tourism iMagazine (in the world) all about this amazing place I love to call home. You people make living here great.

Jeremy Broussard, Copywriter & Creative Director

I appreciate the thoroughness and attention to detail that Firefly Digital used when designing our website. The dream has come alive and our expectations have been met tenfold!

Tina Linton, Oilfield Software Solutions

I gotta say, Celeste is doing a great job! Very friendly, quick, easy to work with.. Just wanted to throw some props her way because we are very impressed!

Claire Morley, Sales & Marketing Manager, CCI Pipeline Systems