facebook_5tipsEveryone all over the world seems to be addicted to Facebook these days. That means that you are able to reach a lot of people by marketing on Facebook. It will take a while before you get results from your marketing campaign. You need to work consistently over time  so that your following can grow before you can expect sales.

  • Pictures automatically generate interest in your Facebook updates. A picture can speak volumes. You could take pictures of your products, your employees or even your workplace to help underscore what you are trying to say.
  • Never neglect customers when business milestones and achievements occur. Send some “thank yous” to the entire friends list and make an announcement on your primary page. Keep them updated to make them feel like they’re closer to the business and to encourage interaction and engagement.
  • If someone comments on your page, reply to it. This includes ones in the inbox as well as on the page itself. This will take a little time, but the user engagement you get as a result is worth it.
  • Use a Facebook plug-in on your website. Some blogging platforms let you integrate this element very easily but you should be able to find the code to add a Facebook plug-in to your site in your settings. This plug-in will display a link to your page, a list of your subscribers or your latest updates.
  • Evaluate your business goals. What are your social media goals? Do you want to grow your sales, launch something new or simply grow your fan base? This can help you easily determine what is working and what is not.
  • It is crucial to nurture the relationships you make on Facebook. How people view you and your business online is just as important as how people view you in person. One good rule of thumb for building relationships is consistently fresh content. Remember to reward loyal customers with promotions and special offers.
  • See if you can get your users to speak with you and each other too. Let conversations around posts develop organically or naturally, only intervene if it gets too negative. Deleting it or attempting to sensor users can cause people to become offended. Intervene only when there is inappropriate content on your page.
  • One way to get the likes count on your page up is to occasionally throw contests. Discounts or free prizes are a good incentive. This is a great way to gain subscribers in the short term, and get positive reviews from the contest winner in the future.
  • Keep your Facebook page consistent with your website design. For instance, if the dominant color of your site is royal blue, reflect that color for your Facebook page. It helps maintain your brand identity. If you have a totally different design in Facebook, this will just confuse people.

Your audience and customers are using Facebook right now. Marketing on Facebook can be very powerful when you use this information combined with other effective marketing strategies.