imageBuilding the best blog possible is not an easy task. While anyone can actually start a blog, trying to stand out in the crowd takes hard work, time and dedication. Creating great high quality content is important, but will yield no results if no one visits your site.

We hope you can use this post to bring attention to some things you may not be considering when you’re posting on your blog. Although there are plenty of important things to consider when blogging, we find that these key tips are most important to engage your readers and keep them coming back for more!

#1: Don’t Abuse Side Bar Advertising

  • Commonly, ads are becoming a bigger part of blogs as people look to make money. But if there are too many ads on your blog, they may turn readers away. All the ads may prompt them to seek a site that is more helpful instead of being salesy.

#2: Be Original

  • Choose your topics wisely, and stick with those that will be utilized over a long period of time. If you blog about things that people will always be interested in, readers will flock to your blog for years. This will give you more traffic on a regular basis than if you only blog about things that are popular for the moment.

#3: Educate, Educate, Educate!

  • Make sure your blog titles and content stand out. There is a wealth of blogs out there competing for the same readers, and you need to give those readers a reason to view yours. Do this by creating interesting headings, using eye-catching visuals, and including intriguing content that draws readers in. A list that utilizes bullet points is another way of conveying a lot of information in a clear and concise format.

#4: Leave Room for Improvement

  • If you have the time and money, attend a blogging conference. These conferences will help you to advance your blogging skills and they will provide you with some invaluable nuggets of information. Conventions also give you a chance to network with other successful, and influential, bloggers.

#5: Utilize the Link Bar

  • Keep the content near link bars short and sweet. The link bar is generally a hot spot. You can put your total subscribers here. Link bars are not as noticeable as the beginning or end of a post, but use it for a subscription aid.

#6: Display Your Recommended Articles

  • Take advantage of tabbed zones to link to your recommended articles. Place the tabs right before the sidebars on your page. You can add in the articles you believe are your best for the various categories of content on your site. This helps readers to easily understand what content is on your site, and it encourages them to click on articles too. You will gain an increased click rate when you utilize this method effectively.

#7: Stay Relevant

  • Work current events and big news stories into your blogs whenever possible. These stories will give you relevant information to use on your blog. As an example, you could post news stories about dog shows or dog competition results if you write a blog that is about dog training. This type of information will interest your readers.

Now that you have the know-how necessary to create an amazing blog, get down to work! Use the tips suggested in this article if you want to increase your number of followers.

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